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We believe the mankind well-being can be done through good businesses. We bring good businesses to clients so they can be benefited and contributed positively to the world.

There are three levels of visions:

3C practitioners design, promote, and serve people with our innovative products and services with a strong sense of making the world a better place to live in through doing good businesses
entreprenuers, CEOs, and the management teams are applying 3C frameworks, models, t througemplates, tools, advises, apps, solutions, services, and resources to improve and grow their businesses
100,000 or more companies and 1 million individual are happily contributing positively to build a better world with high satisfaction and happiness

3C values = Compassion - Constraints - Comply 

These values form a tripod, a strong foundation, for smooth and healthy execution of works to bring unlimited greatness.
  • Compassion allows intentions to include a) empathy with pain/ understanding, b) strong desire to solve the problem, and c) inject the great seed of love. We always start with compassion for more perceptions and to open the door to many possibilities that bring benefits to the society and environment.  Compassion brings along other values:
      • Courageous - we act with least fear as what we have a deeper meaning and wider scope.
      • Openness - we become active listeners and ready to consider more ideas from others
      • Creativity - compassionate intention produce energies to be more creative and innovative
  • Constraints cultivate wise people at two levels: a) understand your limiting factors; b) knowing when to stop.   Constraints are not viewed as weaknesses and incapabilities, they are about reality and improvement.  In this way, the constraints guide our planning to achieve our intention.  Constraints bring along other values:
      • Control - knowing where the limitations are, we apply just nice control and know when to stop.
      • Clarity - remove illusions to be more realistic in reviewing the matter without false hope on things beyond the limits.
      • Care - we become more caring and carefully decide on what to do with the limiting factors.
  • Comply with all principles and decisions made where the former shape habits and beliefs and the latter are plans based on assumed realities.  Compliance is neither inflexible nor obedient, it entails will and energies to drive results - more productive and achievements.  Comply brings along other values:
        • Commitment - emotion (compassion) aligned with accountable for using scarce resources (constraints) boost the will to strengthen commitments
        • Consistent - it takes stamina (energies) and upheld compliance to produce consistent results and qualities
        • Contribution - we may have great ideas and plan very well, but a contribution is made only through executing the plan well.