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Business Clinic Services

are you ready to be more successful?

We help your business more agile and improve capabilities to create more values and wealth

Gain Insights

Our unique approaches help us to learn a business deep enough within just a few minutes to make a good judgement on it.  The model allows us to make understanding at 9 levels, this gives us the advantage to respond to the situation quickly with relevant levels of understanding.  We gain insights not by accident but through a series of well-designed information, analysis techniques, and improving perceptions.  This leads to higher values created per minute compared to traditional ways of understanding & analysis.

Adjust Capabilities

Past Performance Is No Guarantee of Future Results!  The environment never stops changing & the firm's skills/ abilities expired as time passes.  We should not judge a person or a firm by his achievements but his underlying principles within that bring about success.  We adjust a firm's capabilities based on a set of underlying principles, we neither blindly change nor follow the crowd.  We combined our frameworks & models in designing your business's effective capabilities.  Adjust capabilities when needed with effective tools makes every move a successful one!

Smooth Progress

Success is a sum of activities effectively complete tasks to achieve goals set.  When progress too slow or being interrupted many times, we can expect discontinuation and/or a poor result. We notice that if you can keep the progress smooth, you can save 20%-35% of your efforts and improve profit around 50%-80%.  The business clinic enables faster responses, quality solutions and adjust quickly to the environment for smoother progress of works.  Its contributes to maintain momentum, keep flowing, produce successes smoothly.

Achieve Goals

All solutions aim to achieve business goals.  In a business clinic, we diagnose, prescribe, and review a solution until it achieves the goals planned.  The business clinic goes a step further to ensure proper closure is done as the completeness of a case.  This is a responsible and holistic approach while tactfully making the necessary adjustments to focus on achieving a goal and not wildly overcome a challenge.

Diagnose Business Health
Fast & effective to gain insights & discover hidden gems & dangers.
Prescribe to get healthy
Keep business survive then grow with 600+ powerful strategies & frameworks
To maintain health
Prevention is better than cure. Strategies to keep business fit for good performances.
Adjust to change
Enable respond to change real-time to increase the organisation's abilities.

"Continuously achieve business goals, every move a success"

The business clinic has moved from “Good To Have” to a “MUST Have” function for VUCA environment so that we can react effectively to progress positively. swiftly & contribute values to impact future goals.  It includes a set of processes, techniques, frameworks, rules, checkpoints, & models to improve the business capabilities to excel.  We usually embrace technologies while delivering these services with speed, effective cost, & quality.   

If you find that you or your team 1) make unwanted mistakes, 2) unable to meet customers’ requests, 3) don’t know why cash flow not smooth, 4) keep looking for new leads, 5) unable to improve profits, you need to review your business clinic. You can test below key roles to check your operation/ tactical weaknesses.


When you face a situation, are you able to diagnose it professionally, fast, correctly, holistically, & with clarity?

This a diagnoser’s role, relevant knowledge, mindset, & skills required to perform the job.  Aiding tools, templates, checklists, adopt technologies are encouraged for better and consistent results.

If you or your team can wear a diagnoser hat with available supporting tools, that’s great!

Business Owner

This is narrowly defined for the business clinic - anyone is accountable to handle a situation is the business owner.  It can be a manager, a team leader, & even a frontline person.

A business owner is not simply by appointment or empowerment,  s/he won’t have self-drive, sense of responsibilities, & commitments to make thing happen.

If your team has clear roles & responsibilities but still cannot perform, you should be worrying.

Admin support

In the business clinic session, the admin support assists the business owner to manage document, coordinate activities, collect & present information, check & monitor progress, highlight/ alert matters, manage environment …

Admin support can be viewed as a mix of technology & human in the most appropriate manner.

If you already have good admin support to perform the above, you are roaring!  


With the diagnostic report, the prescriber designs & plans solutions to address matter highlighted.  

The prescriber’s propose solution objectively for the business owner to rely on confidently.

600+ strategies & frameworks for fast & high quality solutions.  

If you or your team can effectively prescribe independently & effectively, you win half the battle.


Role of the reviewer in the business clinic is to monitor the progress of the solution.

S/he may not be the diagnoser, but need to be observance to pick up opportunities & threats & highlight to the business owner.

A good agile management skill & ability to close case probably are the qualities of the reviewer.

If you or your team possess such qualities, you will have lesser backlogs.