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How Can You Help Me?

Yes, we work on two approaches to increase sales. Normally, we develop quick wins to produce positive results within a few days or weeks. You typically use what you earn to pay our fees! The second approach is to build a sales generator (can be full or partial built) depend on the scope and the business needs. It is worth to note that the generator is built to align the growth blueprint we designed so that you will keep improving even after the generator develops.
Technically we don't. We can sometimes make informal introductions to potential investors or other intermediaries. In general, only licensed brokers can legally arrange financing. What we do is to redesign and restructure your capital structure to the optimal from business and finance advisory purpose. We advise the appropriate cash flows and investment for your corporate finance and how to build good relationship with key stakeholders such as bankers, suppliers and shareholders.
Over 80% of clients stay with us, some already 10+ years. Our offers are relatively affordable and fair, more importantly, continuously adding values is the secret of receiving return sales. Talk to us and we are confident you will find we never expensive.

Tax & Finance Q&A

It is very costly if the first task is to focus on your obligation to report your accounts ACRA & IRAS. Prepare the reports properly required time and money. Wrong reports result in fines and other punishments. Since the quality of the numbers and reports are required anyway, prepare them probably can also improve decision making, cash flows planning, and automate some business processes. Instead of talking about cost-saving, we are talking about benefits creating.
Business challenges are increasing than ever, and government regulations keep piling up - MOM, ACRA, IRAS, MOH, etc. To engage a junior level bookkeeper or accountant within the company for all accounting functions are risky. But with the advancement of technologies and more people are receptive to work online, you still can run your own accounting department with a mix of internal and external talents. We had helped 100+ companies to own an accounting department at a cost as low as 10% of their previous setup.
We are Quickbook certified. Apart from the common features, Quickbook allows your business to integrate with world-class apps as your business grow. It speeded up your accounting preparing, improve tracking, automates processes, and keep you agile and mobile. It is very stable, highly secured, and allow you to monitor your financial performance while we are doing your accounts.
Tax defines profits differently from your profit & loss accounts. Mistakes in tax reporting can be serious where jail terms may apply on top of the fine. In addition, IRAS require you to keep your records (all documents) for 5 years. That's why using world-class apps to track all business transactions greatly benefit you.
You still need to file the annual return to ACRA and tax return to IRAS when reaching the timeline. Unless you injected millions of dollar to startup, your first focus point is to have the first sales, shape business model/ products, test business viability. Most of our clients of your kind choose any of these three: "micro", "startup", or "stronger" package. You may also consider our business starter kit to quickly set your business in a growing wave.
The directors are responsible for tabling the company’s annual financial statements to the AGM. Despite you may delegate the accounting to others (internal or external), your responsibilities are not deminimized. At 3C, besides providing quality accounting services, we take one step ahead to remind your responsibilities regularly, alert your accounting matters, and preempt you on transactions that may endanger wrong accounting practises.

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