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Why am I paying so much tax?
Where can I cut costs?
How to improve my cash flows?

Upset with your accounting?
Clients choose us because

We enhance the paperwork routine, present today’s numbers, send reminders, and give effective advice.   We turn financial numbers into management numbers for better decision making.  All our prices are transparent, so no hidden cost.

Personalise your accounting solution

A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) assigned to your company will track filing deadlines, suggest tax exemptions,how numbers impact your business, and prepare reports

Monitor your money timely

We collect data from all your banks and show what you have today and its daily trend

Check out all your unpaid invoices

We update the invoices you need to pay and the ones due to you on a daily basis

Here’s how 3C accounting works

Easy way to upload invoices

Snap phone pictures, drag and drop a file from your desktop, shared folders, or forward an email with docs attached.

We organise your docs

Daily - we check and match your docs and transactions.  Tag them to accounts, and report what's missing.

You are heard whenever you need

You can reach us in any digital form quickly even late at night and on weekends.

Your books are update daily

We update daily, so you can see business health today, not at the end of each month.

We update transactions within 24 hours

We update transactions daily, so you can know your latest financial performance tomorrow.

There is a plan here that works for you

Our accounting packages are WYSISYG (what you see is what you get), no extra charges — simple and direct. If you pay upfront for the whole year, two months are free


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Billed On Annual Basis

S$102 if billed monthly

20 transactions a month 

40 receipts a month

Quarterly Management Report by Chief Financial Officer

Daily Bookkeeping

QuickBook subscription

Unaudited Financial Statements

ECI & Corporate Tax Returns (Form C/S)

Multicurrency Accounting for additional S$24/m



Billed On Annual Basis

S$210 if billed monthly

40 transactions a month 

80 receipts a month

Monthly Management Report by Chief Financial Officer

Daily Bookkeeping

QuickBook subscription

Unaudited Financial Statements

ECI & Corporate Tax Returns (Form C/S)

Multicurrency Accounting for additional S$24/m



Billed On Annual Basis

S$390 if billed monthly

80 transactions a month 

125 receipts a month

Monthly Management Report by Chief Financial Officer

Daily Bookkeeping

QuickBook subscription

Unaudited Financial Statements

ECI & Corporate Tax Returns (Form C/S)

Multicurrency Accounting for additional S$24/m




Billed On Annual Basis

S$570 if billed monthly

160 transactions a month 

250 receipts a month

Monthly Management Report by Chief Financial Officer

Daily Bookkeeping

QuickBook subscription

Unaudited Financial Statements

ECI & Corporate Tax Returns (Form C/S)

Multicurrency Accounting for additional S$24/m

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Micro: Annual Accounting for S$500

Paid upfront only

  • Under 60 transactions a year
  • Annual Management Report by Chief Financial Officer
  • Unaudited Financial Statements
  • ECI & Corporate Tax Return (Form C-S)

Big Saving on Accounting with Digitalisation

For Singaporeans and PRs

To be advised soon.  In the meantime please click below to check with us on your business

*Your financial data, secured*

We set up a direct connection with Quickbook Online and your bank to exchange your data securely. All your documents will always be in one place protected with bank-level encryption


Additional things you may need:

Stand-a-lone services upon your request

Multicurrency Accounting S$24 a month 
When your company need to take in multiple currencies

Consolidation only S$800  
Consists of the parent company + 1 subsidiary. S$280 each when adding subsidiaries, associates or joint ventures.

Bookkeeping only from S$90 a month  
Involves daily bookkeeping in Quickbook, books ready for your accountant, and active support

Transform Into Agile Finance from S$600   
Adjust finance activities for your business.  Increases your business decision velocity with management accounting as an important discipline engages to improve decision making. Develops performance metrics and milestones to enable the business to apply new strategies and get products and services to market quickly.

XBRL Highlight from S$200   
Only available for companies with negative equity or insolvent

Full XBRL from S$550
Companies being audited, or companies with corporate shareholders, regardless of equity being positive or negative - are required

Chief Financial Officer's reviews from S$80   
We review the financial numbers you have. Identify potential accounting errors/ practices and areas for improvement in your accounting and business.

Improve You Finance Department  from S$400
We build or improve your finance department. Digitalise to connect accounting, planning, consolidation, inventory, eCommerce, payroll, POS, project management, CRM, etc for better financial operation.  Train and advise your financial controller, finance manager, accountant, and account executive.  Reshape your management accounting functions.

Claim Freebies Worth S$3,150+

You will receive all these for purchase exceeds S$999.

Manage Dormant Company worth S$450 (now FREE)  
Advise and educate you on what to do when a company is dormant and DIY to meet its obligation to file its annual return with ACRA and its tax return with IRAS.

DIY returns with ACRA and IRAS save from S$300 annually (Now FREE)
Educate you to allow you DIY to meet perform the company's annual return with ACRA and its tax return with IRAS.

Certificate of Residency (COR) worth S$100 (Now FREE)  
COR allows reducing the withholding tax based on double tax treaties when dealing with overseas companies.  You will learn how to apply COR yourself.

One Time Review Credit Control worth S$300 (Now FREE)  
This review grades your credit policies, current debtors' ageing performances, and debt collecting methods for you to how to reduce bad debts and improve cash flows.

One Time Review Sales KPIs worth S$1,200 (Now FREE)
Evaluate the completeness, usefulness, and practicality of your sales KPI. Propose core goals as a base for improving KPIs and position to adopt OKR when ready.

One Time Cash Flows Health Check worth S$800 (Now FREE)
Use our unique CashGenTM to test the health of the 7 key nodes that affect your cash flows so you can grow stronger.

You Desire More Than What You Have. See How 3C Do It For You

Tax & Finance Q&A

It is very costly if the first task is to focus on your obligation to report your accounts ACRA & IRAS. Prepare the reports properly required time and money. Wrong reports result in fines and other punishments. Since the quality of the numbers and reports are required anyway, prepare them probably can also improve decision making, cash flows planning, and automate some business processes. Instead of talking about cost-saving, we are talking about benefits creating.
Business challenges are increasing than ever, and government regulations keep piling up - MOM, ACRA, IRAS, MOH, etc. To engage a junior level bookkeeper or accountant within the company for all accounting functions are risky. But with the advancement of technologies and more people are receptive to work online, you still can run your own accounting department with a mix of internal and external talents. We had helped 100+ companies to own an accounting department at a cost as low as 10% of their previous setup.
We are Quickbook certified. Apart from the common features, Quickbook allows your business to integrate with world-class apps as your business grow. It speeded up your accounting preparing, improve tracking, automates processes, and keep you agile and mobile. It is very stable, highly secured, and allow you to monitor your financial performance while we are doing your accounts.
Tax defines profits differently from your profit & loss accounts. Mistakes in tax reporting can be serious where jail terms may apply on top of the fine. In addition, IRAS require you to keep your records (all documents) for 5 years. That's why using world-class apps to track all business transactions greatly benefit you.
You still need to file the annual return to ACRA and tax return to IRAS when reaching the timeline. Unless you injected millions of dollar to startup, your first focus point is to have the first sales, shape business model/ products, test business viability. Most of our clients of your kind choose any of these three: "micro", "startup", or "stronger" package. You may also consider our business starter kit to quickly set your business in a growing wave.
The directors are responsible for tabling the company’s annual financial statements to the AGM. Despite you may delegate the accounting to others (internal or external), your responsibilities are not deminimized. At 3C, besides providing quality accounting services, we take one step ahead to remind your responsibilities regularly, alert your accounting matters, and preempt you on transactions that may endanger wrong accounting practises.

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