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Digital 3C

Your digital nutritionist to build you a healthier organisation digitally. 
Pace clients to embrance digital smoothly and overcome high costs of investment, faster adoption rate and dynamic environment change.

Unstoppable Sales

Powerful sales model to increase sales fast, make them last, and embed as part of the growth system. Online 2 Offline; AI Salesmen; Super Sales Team; 99 Ways To Increase Sales; Product Innovation.

Agile Finance 3.2

Finance influnce how we decide, by making it agile, we can improve the way we create and respond to change and deal with uncertainty trememdously.  4 very important principles to make this happen. 


Compelling results through smart moves by Good Decisions.

We help our clients create the change that matters. 
Produce quality decisions to address current & future most important goals. From strategic to operational, turn these goals into reality, most basic goals are: Sales – Profit – Cash


What We Do

The seed of wealth is planted into your business on the first day we meet .


The situation at a point “about to change” or “in between a state”.  For examples, bad business unable to turnaround; satisfactory sales without notice the growing hidden threats; unable to make decision for a do or die situation.

Our niche approach to diagnose the situation quickly and insightly to tremeousdly increase quality of decisions.  And with over 500+ strategies, we always there to help clients to turn critical risks into cirtical opportunities.


This is when the customer comes into contact with any aspect of a company to form an impression. i.e. the moment of misery or magic. With technology advancement, it is no more just the frontline employees to handle those interactions.

Using proven models, we help clients to improve their customers service through better customer experience  and develop One Version of the Truth for quality communication and content management.  


We provide clients a better, more, unique and special – not just adding expected values.  We not only help clients to be more productive, we help them to develop lasting competitive advantages for sustainable sucesses.   

Framework approach to create value based on clients’ unique needs and not an across the board solutions.

We take clients’ concerns seriously, but going beyond to validate their concerns and bring about higher level of growth and value.


Unlike others where solutions are to solve a problem/ challenge but may cause harm other aspects and/ or only for short term.

 As much as possible our solutions come with 3 features:
1. Quick and effective results
2. Prioritize  sales-profit-cash
3. Capable to learn-build-own

From strategy to operation, we improve short-term, position  grow, and craft lasting competitiveness at the same time.

How We Impact You

You will receive collective benefits and qualities for significant results and betterment


A healthy business can be obtained by learning 3C diagnose methods and health formulas. 


30+ frameworks and 500+ strategies to address your problems effectively and holistically.


A sales model to boost current and future sales + trigger innovation uniquely for lasting growth.


Business clinic and 8 management system for better controls and deicisions.


Long-term growth framework with effective roadmap and practical daily growth techniques.


The sustainability is to build the 7 most fundamentals of the business.


Design profit and cash flows to finance growth and increase business value.


5 strategies to build a culture of innovation to bring the organization continuous successes.


Facts about us & SME clients


happy clients


years in operation



SAVED clients

Help to IPO clients

help to digitize clients


Take a sneak peek at our solutions

StartUp Smasher

How to run a succesful Startup with/o investors; How to consistently launch new products successfully? “7 qualities inside”

Business Clinic

Keep Fit, Go Strong & Transform. Use 4 steps [clarity-insights-achieve-adjust] to heal your business

Digital Now

Upgrade 9 business objectives instantly through adopt flexible digital solutions quickly at low costs & strategically.

Robotic Process Automation

By human working with robots, Enables tasks automations, streamline processes, productivity, customer experiences.

AI Readiness

AI tranformation is an extension of digital transformation but its bolt-on. AI makes machines to perform complex functions.


More than 80% of chat sessions resolved by a chatbot: quick customer service + satisfaction + reduce costs + multipurpose

Boost Sales

Powerful sales model to increase sales fast, make them last, & embed as part of the growth system. “values for willing buyer”

Agile Finance 3.2

Finance turns agile improve management capabilities and flexibilities. Thus we respond faster & better to customers’ needs.

Business Agility

Agile both internally & externally to help clients become more adaptive, creative and resilient in today’s unpredictable market.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

3C turned our negative cash flows position into positive and strengthen the sales capability for more profits. We wish would had engaged them much earlier and those suffers can be avoided.

Yanti, Head of Finance

Techwise, PT. Indonesia [Electronic/ Electrical Equipment Supplier]

JC mentor and business models improve our organization’s effectiveness and increase project’s profit by 50% on an average. This has leads us to our IPO preparation … 


3H International Technology Ltd, Shanghai [High Tech Entertainment Solutions Provider]

We improve decision making with specifally design dashboard for operation and strategy . Unlike the way we review old numbers, we think more critically now. I highly recommend them.


Uncle William Pte Ltd, Singapore [Farm Edutour In Singapore]

I am happy the results created by 3C.  They ihelps us to setup simple and yet powerful management system that covers all aspects that matter management.   I was wrong with managing business all the while.


Cosa International Pte. Ltd., Singapore [Interior Design, Asia Pacific]

My Startup had transformed into growing stage just within 6 months time. This allows me to expand my business and increase sales smoother with much clearer vision.  It is really important to kick-start correctly, thanks 3C.

Nansen Yeo

GinLa Therapy, Singapore [Health  Therapist]

Just in a 2 hours session, I had insights I never imagine. I followed the advises and triple sales in 2 weeks time.  It is amazing! We communicate over Skype and still receive such high quality advises.

Rodger Douglas, Homeopathic practitioner

Five Petals Homeopathy, Osaka , Japan

3C strategies covered both personal and company tax matters, ensure making sense for business viability and cash flows to improve my groups of companies tax position in serveral countries.

Matthew Gollan , Director

Matthew Gollan Design and Development Pty Ltd Australia

3C unique management system, management principles (codes), and business formula can apply to all my different types of businesses. This makes my life easy and I had acquire a skill to manage any business.

Mr. Chai, Serial Entrepreneur


3C understand our business and detect issues very fast while redesigned our corporate structure and tax issues to satisfy all shareholders in the group of the companies in just one hour, unimaginable!

Tarek Mohamed, CEO & Founder

Sharetheload Pty Ltd, Australia [Logistic]

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