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How To Prevent Robots From Taking Over Your Job? Part 2

We talk about how AI and robots can replace some of the current jobs.  This leads to the affected employees to make the necessary adjustments and companies to revisit their jobs’ descriptions and study how AI can be applied to keep them competitive. We’ll explore AI deeper and why some jobs can’t be replaced by…
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How Curve Is Your Business Path?

The SMEs Journey Towards Success Can Never Be Straight Very few companies can excel at innovation and efficiency at the same time. BCG suggests that just 2% of 2,500 public companies analyzed consistently outperform their peers on both growth and profitability during good and bad times. These “2% companies” are able to renew themselves in…
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Introduce Shape Character For Improvement

Good slides, ideal for people who want to make improvement. 

6 simple ways to manage complexities

Powerful Yet Simple Ways For Our Current Complex World. 

How To Prevent Robots From Taking Over Your Job? Part 1

You might aware that AI has grown smarter and wonder “Is your job still safe?”.  There’s even a website called, “Will Robots Take My Job?” You can look up a job title and see its likelihood of AI-driven doom. It makes me eager to know what jobs have a higher chance to be replaced by…
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How to Reduce Your Personal Taxes?

Basic Tips for Singapore Tax Residents Whatever Year of Assessment (YA) it may be, we should start to consider our personal tax strategy early. In Singapore, one of the most expensive cities in the world, financial management can be an important survival tool, and proper tax planning is an integral component of this. In Singapore,…
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