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How To Prevent Robots From Taking Over Your Job? Part 1

How To Prevent Robots From Taking Over Your Job? Part 1

You might aware that AI has grown smarter and wonder “Is your job still safe?”.  There’s even a website called, “Will Robots Take My Job?” You can look up a job title and see its likelihood of AI-driven doom.

It makes me eager to know what jobs have a higher chance to be replaced by robots and artificial intelligence and what are those with lesser chances.  What do you need to do if you are the unlucky one whose role will be replaced by them?

Just like AI predictions, it’s probably not 100% accurate – simply because job titling isn’t always a one-size-fits-all approach. While one type of writer may draft adventurous novels, others might write news stories or blog posts. And while one marketing manager might manage social media marketing, another might manage content.

While this write-up is pretty fun to explore, we strongly recommend making your future career decisions based on expert advice. This will prevent you from unnecessarily panicking when AI could help your career rather than hurt it. And if you’re one of the few jobs in danger, experts can show you which skills will truly future-proof your career.

Why it is so disrupting?

AI is not limited to the assembly lines, think again: AI is doing a better job than humans at some aspects of sales, marketing, and services too.

AI can analyze sales calls far faster than any sales manager could – in fact, it would take nine years of nonstop sales call analysis for a human being to compete, and that’s if they didn’t take vacation or sleep. And AI is already being used to develop marketers’ content strategies and email marketing playbooks – it’s only a matter of time before it plays a bigger role in the process.

When we take a more positive outlook on the future of AI, bots and AI will make us better at our jobs and more secure in our careers, not the other way around.  In fact, the same old scenario when PC became popular and everyone seemed to know how to type like the typist, but the new jobs such as programmers created.

AI’s benefits replaced some jobs while others are not easily replaced – they just might be adjusted to account for new technologies “careers”, and some new jobs will be created.

Based on the landmark 2013 study that inspired “Will Robots Take My Job?” we’ve rounded up some of the marketing and sales roles most likely to be replaced by robots, bots, and AI in the next few years.

The 9 levels of intellectual model and 5 activities model analyzes the likely probability that a job will be replaced by automation and computerization – based primarily on the level of routine a job has and the specialized training and social intelligence required to complete it. It’s not an exhaustive list, but it gives you an idea of what your life could look like in a few years.

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The above are examples of jobs that can be replaced by AI.  It seems that we can’t prevent robots from taking over your job.  The affected employees need to make the necessary adjustments to account for new technologies “careers” or change for more popular new jobs created.  The companies, on the other hand, should revisit their jobs’ descriptions and study how AI can be applied to keep them competitive.

In part 2 of this series, we will explore examples of jobs that can’t be replaced by AI and deeper discussion on how we react to the impact of AI.

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